Engineering Services


Well engineered and designed projects starts with good planning.ASAS performs detailed feasibility studies on your projects to ensure that your requirements are met.These process allow us to maintain implementation timelines and ensure the highest quality infrastructure. We produce and stamp high quality lease exhibits, zoning drawings, construction drawings and structural analyses that meet all of our customers' requirements


The ASAS Team effectively manages all facets of of the tower construction and antenna installation process from initial site planning to final system turn-up.Experienced in all facets of network construction.Our civil and land construction crews are located across the country and can mobilize quickly in any of the markets. we have crews of climbers experienced in all aspects of line and antenna construction.Our team is full equipped with the latest technology.


Regardless of how well your telecom network was designed and built, time, nature, and progress will eventually take its toll on your assets. As your system ages, it will require maintenance to ensure excellent service and coverage to your users. ASAS offers comprehensive maintenance and emergency repair services on existing telecom networks. We provide full lifecycle services for telecom system needs, from design to construction to continuing maintenance — this ensures that your system is well-designed, expertly implemented, and properly maintained for continued functionality and service.


Safety is the utmost priority at ASAS, we puts safety at the forefront of our culture by launching sustainable and best-in-class practices.We provide continuous improvement that encourages employees to recommend suggestions on safety measures.Safety-certified Supervisors who visit crews weekly to ensure that proper safety procedures are followed.